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Sarva Darshanam
All are invited to take darshan of Lord Balaji's wedding.

This is free attendence to witness Srivaari Kalyanam.
You can contribute if you wish to whatever the amount you would like to.

Srinivasa Kalyanam (Tirupati Balaji Wedding) is a very popular and one of the most attended events for any temple organization. Therefore, Hindu American Temple and Cultural Center (HATCC) requests all devotees to register for the event so that HATCC event organizers can correctly estimate the people attending such a celestial and divine event.
Your registration and contributions to the event will help arrange car parking, seating capacity, basic amenities, shoe racks, prasadam, and other essential needs.
HATCC also requests you register a maximum of 4 people per family. If more than four people are going to attend, please use a separate form for additional attendees. Please print and bring your registration email for the event.

This is a religious event. Those who are donating towards the event will be doing sankalpam. Sri Guruvaayoorappan temple priests will do the sankalpam with their Nama (Names) (4 per family), Gotram( Gotr) and Nakshtram (Birth Star).

Please wear Hindu Cultural attire for the ceremony. Please maintain a safe distance, and HATCC recommends wearing a mask.

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